Our Services

After a hospitalization for medical or surgical reasons, a person may require nursing support for care such as medication administration, intravenous medication, wound care, nutrition monitoring or health teaching. At LGAR, nursing and other clinical care is blended with rest and relaxation so recovery occurs at a comfortable pace and plans to return home are well prepared.

LGAR Health & Rehabilitation Center Family

Rehabilitation and Restorative Nursing:
Offering rehabilitation and recuperation after a hospitalization is one of our specialties. Providing physical, occupational and speech rehabilitation is an important part in regaining functioning and independence.

Restorative Nursing is a service for those who no longer require rehabilitative therapy but can benefit from gentle and therapeutic exercises.

Residential Living:
When living at home is no longer possible, LGAR can become the new residence for a person needing daily assistance. We understand of the variables in adjusting to a new home and our staff endeavors to help each person settle in at their own pace.

Respite care is a short stay service available at LGAR. When a person is being cared for at home and their caregiver needs to be away or is unable to provide care for a short period of time, we can take care of the person at our facility during that short time.

When medical treatment is no longer indicated or the end of life is near, hospice care may be a healthcare choice. LGAR and Hospice work together to provide comfort and support while the person resides at our facility.