Our Professional and Support Staff

Clinical Professionals

Our attending and consultant physicians are in regular contact with their patients via on-site visits and telephone communications with the nursing staff. The Doctors are affiliated with our nearby acute care hospitals. Consultant physicians are from plastic surgery and wound management, psychiatry, dentistry, podiatry and optometry.

Staff: LGAR Health & Rehabilitation Center

LGAR's Registered Nurses provide professional supervision of Licensed Practical Nurses, Certified Nurse Aides, Restorative Nurse Aides, Nursing Valets and other medical and health services personnel. The Registered Nurses coordinate the development of a personal plan of care for each person staying at our facility.

Licensed physical, occupational and speech-language therapists join with therapy assistants to apply principles of rehabilitation for anyone needing to regain mobility, communication skills or functional life skills.

Nutrition management is overseen by a Registered Dietitian who interacts with the Physician, Pharmacist, Registered Nurse and Certified Dietary Director to assure nutrition and hydration needs are achieved. We strive to accommodate personal food preferences in concert with medication interactions and physiologic requirements.

In addition to dispensing prescribed medications, our Pharmacists monitor drug effectiveness and communicate regularly with the attending physician about the individual's medication regime. The nursing staff has electronic access to the Pharmacist for consultation about any medication inquiry.

Other Professionals

One of the first professionals you will meet at LGAR is our Admissions Director. You will be guided through the paperwork and welcoming processes by the Director and, after you are settled in, she will be a frequent visitor to inquire how you are doing or to just sit and have a chat.

Shortly after your arrival, you will meet our Social Worker. For those who will be at LGAR for a while, she will assist with any transition needs and be available to answer questions your family may have. For those who are planning a short stay, our Social Worker will coordinate your discharge with the physician and nursing staff.

An important part of recuperation is having time to enjoy whatever interests you have. If you like to join in with others, our Activity staff has daily programs involving music, arts, literature, games and gentle exercise. Outings to baseball games, shopping trips, picnics, museums and restaurants are often conducted. We enjoy making holidays and seasonal events special. If you prefer quieter time alone, our activity staff will offer to help with your personal interests. We have an interdenominational chapel available for all to use and Catholic Mass is held once a month.

Our Business Office is available to manage the finances related to your stay at our facility and to assist with medical billing or insurance questions that may arise.